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Graduate Student Mental Health Resources:

The personally and academically crippling impact of mental health challenged during a student's PhD career can not be understated and should be a priority for all students and mentors. If you or a fellow student are struggling please reach out to any of the CBSO officers. Additionally, below are linked resources for students including on-site (USF student health) and off-site options.

USF Resources
USF Student Health Services: General health
USF Student Health Services: Psychiatry
USF Counseling Center: General
USF Counseling Center:
 Substance use
USF Disability Services

Inclusive and Sliding Scale Resources

Open Path: Sliding Fee Therapy 
Black Female Therapists: Therapy for Women of Color
Inclusive Therapists: Black and Indigenous Therapists 
Therapy for Black Girls: Therapy for Women of Color
Melanin and Mental Health: Mental Health for People of Color
Therapy in Color: Mental Health Directory for People of Color
Therapy for QPOC: Therapy for Queer People of Color
NQTTCN: National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color

External Resources:
Suicide Prevention Lifeline  (800-273-8255)
National Graduate Student Crisis Line (877-472-3457)
Open Counseling: Free and Low Cost Counseling in Tampa
Crisis Text Line (Text HOME to 741741)
eLife: Mental Health in Academia Collection
National Alliance on Mental Illness: Hillsborough

External Resources: Addiction

A searchable database of rehabilitation centers.

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